Our Headquarters

The companies change, flows of information too. More and more often, the exchanges of documents are integrated in a sophisticated IT infrastructure and are aimed to support the objectives of the company. A good availability of information is then crucial. Océ Technologies BV makes it possible to the professionals to exchange information. It ensures an availability of the documents in conformity with the wishes of its customers. For this purpose, it offers products and services of (Re) production, presentation, diffusion and management of the documents.

It’s knowledge of its customers, the carefully selected equipment, the services and a support of excellence make its offer even impossible to circumvent for a perfect availability of information. All the documents are available at the right person, at the right place, the right moment, in the right format and with the right content. In 2010 Océ joined the Canon Group of companies with headquarters in Tokyo, Japan, to create the global leader in printing industry.